An exchange system will be built inside the recruitment system for the circulation of CVH in order to form a value chain, which embodies the value of CVH. With the deppreciation of global fiat currencies, the exchange between CVH and points will continue to rise to make sure the appreciation of CVH :
The ratio of exchange between CVH and the points in 2018: 10 points to 1 CVH
The ratio of exchange between CVH and the points in 2019: 50 points to 1 CVH
The ratio of exchange between CVH and the points in 2020: 100 points to 1 CVH


Business Insider

According to Business Insider, Laszlo Hanyecz purchased 2 pizzas with 10000 Bitcoins. The price then was $0.0025 and in December, 2017 the price of Bitcoin is $15000. In other words, Mr. Hanyecz paid 150million dollars for 2 pizzas!

It took 7 years for Bitcoin to soar and eventually reached its 6million times. The future of Bitcoin is unpredictable.

Bitcoin has already shown its value compared with other cryptocurrencies and Curriculum Vitae Chain now is in recruitment market, which is still expanding itself, due to 6million graduates, 60million job-hoppers and 80million jobs every year in China. It is clear that the volume of recruitment market is beyond your imagination. Traditional recruitment system could not satisfy the need of recruitment market now therefore an innovative pattern is needed to solve the bottlenecks of traditional recruitment market. As a system that relies on blockchain, the value of Curriculum Vitae Chain is embodied in the following points:

  • First: Solve the problems of asymmetry of the information, of the individuals, the employers and CVs, which allows the talented to find a dream role with a dream employer less time-consumingly and inexpensively.
  • Second: Allow the employees share the value of recruitment platform and build the platform together.。
  • Third: Allows the employers find a dream employee accurately and quickly.

There is a $22billion gap, between the largest recruitment platform in China and those in America and Japan. Why? Is it because the market in China is smaller than the one in America or Japan? Of course no, quite the contrary, China has more population than America and Japan but recruitment market in China has not been mature. When Curriculum Vitae Chain is put into use, the whole traditional recruitment market will be toppled. It is estimated that the whole Curriculum Vitae Chain will be over $2billion.