Introduction of CV Chain

The first step that the employers will take is to make selection from piles of resumes especially when a multinational enterprise conducts a job interview, thousands of hundreds of resumes will be piled up on the office desk, which makes it difficult for personnel department to carefully select the most suitable person for the job and make wrong judgments easily, resulting in an invisible loss of the enterprise. What’s worse, someone, usually the job-hopper who switch jobs very frequently and those who have criminal records, who wants to get the job by tampering their resumes. If personnel department made wrong decisions to let these people in, they will do great harm to the company in the future. As a distributed ledger technology, blockchain can guarantee the authenticity, query-ability, tamper-resistance and non-forgery of resumes due to its public query-ability, tamper-resistance and non-forgery. Blockchain will redefine recruitment industry for its simple and perfect design in the future. Blockchain and recruitment industry can cooperate well because blockchain and recruitment industry correspond to each other with a high degree in many ways. Curriculum Vitae that depends on its authenticity will develop fast, play an important role in the whole recruitment industry and eventually topple the whole traditional recruitment industry.

The prospect of recruitment industry:This is an industry is a long life green sector. Just like eating and marriage, almost everyone need a job after their graduation therefore it is a marketplace that can exist forever. Certainly, the need for recruitment industry will grow steadily and the key now is the pattern of competition. Popular recruitment platforms in China now are embarking on a program of reform in their ways and trying to apply new patterns in their platforms. Therefore, there is huge demand in recruitment industry in this period. Recruitment platforms have their possibilities to get their shares in huge market, which increasingly requires personalized recruitment services. The problem of resource: So far, the most important core resource is resume. However, there is no mature sns in China like LinkedIn or Facebook in America. There is nothing that can replace resume as a core resource. Core issue: The talented person websites are working notably on precise matching of enterprises, jobs and persons, which are very difficult to informatization. With rapid development of the application of Internet, the Internet has already rooted itself deep into people’s everyday life. Undoubtedly, online recruitment will remain its mainstream position in recruitment industry with the fast development of the Internet in the future.

1.Subdivision of recruitment market will be the main direction in the future.

With the development increasingly doubled its market share, it has to continually face up to the traditional disadvantages which need to be solved at once but unfortunately failed. Subdivision of recruitment market can perfectly solve the problem that how to allow the applicants to find more targeted information for themselves and by what means can the enterprises find out the talented they want more precisely according to their characteristics of different industries.

Innovation is the only way out.

The experience of success due to innovation can be applied to all industries, of course, including online recruitment industry. It is because a lack of innovation in online recruitment industry that many giants in recruitment industry collapsed. The patterns of online recruitment desperately need innovation and achieve a breakthrough. The innovation is not only simply focus on the product and technology but also profit pattern.

3.The Bottleneck of Recruitment Industry

● A lack of confidentiality of resumes so anyone can download the resumes, which can easily lead to personal information disclosure.
● Too many forged resumes can lead to misjudgment of employers, resulting in potential harm to the employers.
● The employers have to spend lots of time and money in the preparation of recruitment.
● The applicants have to spend lots of time in finding jobs.

4. The Solution

● To achieve the goal of the authenticity, query-ability, tamper-resistance and un-forged of applicants’ resumes.
● To achieve the goal of the authenticity, query-ability, tamper-resistance and un-forged of employers’ information.
● To achieve the goal of the symmetry of the application and recruitment information, which allows the employers hire the best applicants in the shortest time.
● To achieve the goal of the symmetry of the application and recruitment information, which allows the applicants find the most suitable jobs in the shortest time.In the system of Curriculum Vitae, it will be not only a platform for recruitment but a intellectualized system, which can solve all the difficult problems that employers and applicants are facing now.

CVH Blockchain System

Curriculum Vitae Chain is made up of three parts,
namely CVH, the recruitment platform system of Curriculum Vitae Chain and points exchange system.

The Profit Patten

The Appreciation of CVH

All employers recharge RMB to exchange the points for the promotion of recruitment information and accurate employment. During the process, the employee will continue to gain the points. They can exchange the points into CVH. Due to the inflation, the ratio of exchange between CVH and the points will increase year by year.
● The ratio of exchange between CVH and the points in 2018: 10 points to 1 CVH.
● The ratio of exchange between CVH and the points in 2019: 50 points to 1 CVH.
● The ratio of exchange between CVH and the points in 2020: 100 points to 1 CVH. he price that employers purchase the points in Curriculum Vitae Recruitment Platform is always permanently the same. 1 RMB= 1 Point .
For example: In 2018, the employers purchase 10 points with 10 yuan, the value of per CVH is 10 yuan.
If the employers purchase 100 points with 100 yuan in 2020, the value of per CVH is 100 yuan.
CVH also can be exchanged into points, namely, 1 CVH can be exchanged into 100 points in the platform.
With the value of CVH continuing to increase, and what’s more, someone will corner CVH, it is estimated that the price of CVH on cryptocurrency exchange platform will go up year by year. And the price hike will be from 5 to 10 times in 2018-2020.